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Super adorable light pink embossed pink croc leather is sewn on top of 10oz latigo leather. This collar is available in multiple colors and sizes. We hand make every collar you see on the website. If you want something custom made pease email us. 



*This collar is available in 3/4" and 1"
*Nickel plated roller buckle
*Collar Has strap keeper to secure the end of the collar
*Welded D ring is used 
*The hardware is riveted in with steel smooth cap rivets
*Heavy weight bonded thread is used
*Leather edges are beveled and hand polished for a nice smooth finish
*Collar is made to order
*Handmade in the USA



If your dog has an 12" neck and is full grown, we suggest a 10" to 14" collar for a perfect fit. (We don't go by the total length of the collar) If your dog has an 12" neck and is still growing, a 12" to 16"" is the best size collar to choose so your dog can grow into it.

-If you do not have a tape measurement, use a ribbon or a shoe lace to wrap around your dog's neck. Mark where the two fingers meet and measure against a ruler.

If you are still unsure of your dogs neck size please message us to avoid our 35% restocking fee.


Available Sizes

7" to 9" 18cm-23cm

8" to 10" 20cm-25cm

9" to 11" 23cm-28cm

10" to 14" 25cm-36cm

12" to 16" 31cm-41cm

14" to 18" 36cm-46cm

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