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Blue And Gold Embossed leather Dog Collar


2" Blue and Gold Embossed Leather Dog Collar

This wonderful genuine leather dog collar is made from heavy duty 10 oz Napa leather. Collar is made with Blue with Gold etched Embossed leather material sewn on top of black leather. Chrome buckle and hardware are riveted in with heavy duty press. You may choose a different colored hardware from the drop down. This collar has the leash ring on the back so it shows off the entire collar when you walk your dog.


If your dog has an 18" neck and is full grown, we suggest a 16"-20" collar for a perfect fit. (We don't go by the total length of the collar)  If your dog has an 18" neck and is still growing, 18"-22" is the best size collar to choose. 

-If you do not have a tape measurement, use a ribbon or a shoe lace to wrap around your dog's neck. Mark where the two fingers meet and measure against a ruler. 

***Our leather collars have 4 inches of adjustment, if you are still unsure, message us and we will get right back to you.  


Every leather collar goes through dozens of steps to ensure a dog collar that will withstand whatever your dog throws at it. 

.Each collar handcrafted from start to finish

.Collar edges are beveled waxed and slicked for a nice smooth finish

.Industrial sewing machine used on suede, ostrich, alligator and snake skin collars

.Personalization is available on any collar

.We always bring in new leathers and designs

.Thousands of designs and endless possibilities 

.Collar is Made in USA

.Heavy duty press sets all rivets

.Most collars ship within a week

.Napa leather is world famous for the quality, durability and softness  

.Made with LOVE 


Available sizes 

10" to 14"  = 26cm-36cm

12" to 16"  = 31cm-41cm

14" to 18"  = 36cm-46cm

16" to 20"  = 41cm-51cm

18" to 22"  = 46cm-56cm

20" to 24"  = 51cm-61cm

22" to 26"  = 56cm-66cm

24" to 28"  = 61cm-71cm

26" to 30"  = 66cm-76cm

28" to 32"  = 71cm-81cm 

For larger sizes please contact us. 

Note; larger sizes may have a price increase

***Please make sure to measure your dog's exact neck size. We encourage you to order the best size frame that will fit your dog to avoid the 35% Return/Stocking Fee. If you are unsure of which size that will best fit your dog's neck, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.***

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